Creates an eeg_lst object from edf, edf+, and bdf file export formats.

read_edf(file, .recording = file)



A edf/bdf file


Recording name (file name, by default). If set to NULL or NA, the patient name will be used.


An eeg_lst object.


When trigger information is stored in a "Status" or "Trigger" channel, the trigger value is stored only when the value of the channel increases. This follows the default behavior of find_events in MNE 0.18. If you have a case where this assumption is incorrect, please open an issue in https://github.com/bnicenboim/eeguana/issues.

See also

Other reading and writing functions: read_fif(), read_ft(), read_set(), read_vhdr()


if (FALSE) {
s1 <- read_edf("./faces.edf", .recording = 1)